Biography of Bo Friis Nielsen :

Bo Friis Nielsen (M'84) received the M.Sc degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1984 and the Ph.D. degree in operations research from the Technical University of Denmark in 1988. He spent the academic year 1995-1996 as a visiting researcher at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) in Red Bank New Jersey. He holds a position as lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark.

His current research interests include characterization of point processes, the Markovian Arrival Process, phase type distributions, and quasi birth and death processes with a continuous phase variable.

His interests in applications include telecommunications, predator-prey encounters, evaluation of screening programmes and road traffic. He has authored and co-authored a number of papers in journals and conference proceedings.


  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from DTU (Technical University of Denmark), IMSOR (Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Operations Research) september 1984.
  • Ph.D. 1988 from IMSOR.

Current position:

From 1/9-1993 associate professor at The Institute of Mathematical Modelling - IMM (including the former IMSOR).

Previous positions:

  • 1/9/1984-31/5/1987 Ph.D. student under a grant from DTU.
  • 1/6/1987-31/5/88 Employed on the project: "Application of Queueing Net works for Production Planning", under grant no. M-86-3963 from the Danish Techni cal Research Council (STVF).
  • 1/1/88-30/4/92 Assistant professor at IMSOR.
  • 1/7/91-31/8/92 External supervisor in theoretical statistics at the Copenhagen Business School.
  • 1/9-1992 31/5-1994 external professor at the Institute of Theoretical Statistics at the Copenhagen Business School.
  • 1/5/92-31/8/93 Associate professor at IMSOR.

Resarch positions:

  • 1/9/95-31/8/96 visiting researcher at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), New Jersey, USA.
  • 2/5/99-6/5/99 visiting researcher at Telecommunications Research Centre (TRC) University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.
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Scientific duties:

Editor of Stochastic Models

Courses taught at IMM:

  • Linear Regression january 1989,
  • Tele- and Datatraffic Theory february-june 1989,
  • Elementary Statistics september-december 1990, 1993 and 1996,
  • Stochastic Processes september-december 1991, 1992, 1994, 1997-
  • Stochastic Simulation june 1993, 1994, 1997-
  • Supervision of xx master students in the period 1988-
  • Supervision of xx ph.d. students in the period 1991-

Other activities:

  • 1/12/88 til 14/12/91 member of IMSOR's system administration group.
  • 15/12/91-31/5/95 head of IMSOR's (later IMM's) system administration group.
  • From 1/6/97 deputy head of department.