FD IMM HIPS programs, 3 April 1997


This is a synopsis of some freely distributed (FD) HIPS programs written by members of the Section for Image Analysis at IMM, the Department of Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark. The programs are developed and run on a network consisting of HP, SGI, Sun, IBM, DEC, and NeXT UNIX engines plus an increasing number of PCs running Linux. The Section for Image Analysis is headed by Professor Knut Conradsen. The software can be obtained here.


These programs are copyright (C) 1990-1997, the author(s) and IMM. Anyone may reproduce this software, in whole or in part, provided that This software is provided as a professional academic contribution for joint exchange. Thus it is experimental, it is provided "as is", with no warranties of any kind whatsoever, no support, promise of updates, or printed documentation. Bug reports or fixes may be sent to the author, who may or may not act on them as (s)he desires.


No guarantees of performance accompany this software, nor is any responsibility assumed on the part of the authors. All the software has been tested extensively and every effort has been made to insure its reliability.

IMM HIPS Programs

This is a listing of the IMM HIPS programs as described by the authors in the NAME section of the individual manual pages.

a2h - `rectangular' ASCII data to IMM defined irregular HIPS format

acf - autocovariance function

asc2hips - transform a data-set in ASCII-format to a HIPS-file

bigextract - extract a subimage without loading the entire image

bil - bandinterleaving by line

bmp2hips - converts from Windows bmp-format to HIPS.

cbdilate - coefficient dilation on binary images.

cberode - coefficient erosion on binary images.

changehdr - change value of header-field.

cobjects - labelling objects and removing objects below a specified size.

crossv - calculate cross-covariance or crossv-semivariance matrices of a dataset in the IMSOR defined irregular format

cubic - performs interpolation by cubic convolution

decorr - RGB to min/max autocorrelation factors, stretch MAFs, MAFs to RGB

deriche - a recursive implementation of the Canny-filter (without thresholding)

distmin - calculates global distances in binary images - DISTANCE TRANSFORMATION.

equalpoints - exclude coincident points in IMSOR defined irregular format file

erdas2hips - ERDAS 7.4 files to HIPS-2 IMM defined BIL format

fhist - stretch float images for display

fmedian - apply a median filter to an image

framecut - cut a frame into more frames

fradd, frsub, frdif, frmul, frdiv, frmin, frmax - perform pointwise operations

gauss - generate Gaussian filter

glcm - compute gray level cooccurrence matrix (GLCM) and GLCM features

grad - generate Gaussian gradient filter

grow - coefficient dilation on byte images without merging features.

headfield - return value of header-field.

hips2gslib - turn a HIPS file into a GSLIB/Geo-EAS file

hips2imf - converts an image from HIPS to ContextVision GOP-302 format

hips2pcl - converts a binary image for printing on an HP Laserjet printer.

hips2tga - converts an image from HIPS to TrueVision's TGA format

hips_imm - IMM HIPS programs freely distributed

hips_imsor - IMM HIPS programs in public domain

histinfo - print histogram information of byte sequence

histo2d - 2-D Histogram of combinations on 2 images with several classes

histobe - histogram match to beta distribution

hole_fill - Filling out small "holes" in binary objects.

ihs2rgb - transform a 3-frame sequence from IHS to RGB

ihsdecorr - RGB to IHS, stretch S, IHS to RGB

imf2hips - converts from ContextVision GOP-302 format to HIPS.

irr2reg - transform HIPS-file of the IMSOR-defined irregular format to regular HIPS-image

isolate - coefficient erosion on binary images without deleting features completely.

linemeans - calculate mean (or sum) and variance across each image line

merode, mdilate, mopen, mclose - perform gray level morphological operations

mgradient - perform gray level morphological gradient operation

mwtophat, mbtophat - perform gray level morphological tophat operations

patchwork - patch an image from a sequence

pcdecorr - RGB to principal components, stretch PCs, PCs to RGB

polyextract - extract a polygon-shaped subpicture

prncpl - estimate principal components of a multi-frame image

quantile - apply a quantile filter to an image

raw2hips - converts a raw byte image to HIPS-format by guessing the number of rows and columns.

reduce_simp - reduce a sequence by leaving out rows and columns

reg2irr - transform regular HIPS-image to HIPS-file of the IMSOR defined irregular format

rgb2ihs - transform multiples of three frames from RGB to IHS

rotate_irr - rotate an IMM defined irregular HIPS sequence

saturate - saturate, standardize and stretch linearly

scale_all - scale a sequence of images

spam - spectral angle mapper

spinexch - Simulate binary Markov random fields using the Metropolis spin-exchange algorithm algorithm

standard - standardize (normalize) a sequence of frames

subseq3 - extract a 3-frame subsequence

subseq5 - extract a 5-frame subsequence

swap - swap bytes in image

taper - perform tapering to be used prior to Fourier transformation

tga2hips - converts from TrueVision's TGA format to HIPS.

IMM HIPS Maintenance

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