IMM HIPS programs, 3 April 1997


This is a synopsis of some HIPS programs written by members of the Section for Image Analysis at IMM, the Department of Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark. The programs are developed and run on a network consisting of HP, SGI, Sun, IBM, DEC, and NeXT UNIX engines plus an increasing number of PCs running Linux. The Section Image Analysis is headed by Professor Knut Conradsen.


These programs are copyright (C) 1990-1997 the author(s) and IMM. The programs may not be used without the expressed permission of the author(s) or IMM, Department of Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark. This software is provided "as is", with no warranties of any kind whatsoever, no support, promise of updates, or printed documentation. Bug reports or fixes may be sent to the author, who may or may not act on them as (s)he desires.


No guarantees of performance accompany this software, nor is any responsibility assumed on the part of the authors. All the software has been tested extensively and every effort has been made to insure its reliability.

IMM HIPS Programs

This is a listing of the IMM HIPS programs as described by the authors in the NAME section of the individual manual pages.

anandan - calculates Optical Flow

binfractile - performs a very fast local fractile on a binary HIPS image sequence

catchment - calculate Delaunay Triangulation for a set of catchment-areas.

cloude - Cloude decomposition of comlex polarimetric radar signal

cokrig - perform cokriging on data-set consisting of irregular distributed points.

cokrig - perform cokriging on data-set consisting of irregular distributed points.

crossv - calculate crossvariance-matrices of irregularly sampled dataset

del2vor - transform a Delaunay Triangulation to a Voronoi Tessalation.

delaunay - find first-order neighbors of points in irregular distributed point-set.

deriche - recursive implementation of the Canny filter

disc - pixelwise and contextual classification

disc3D - pixelwise and contextual classification

distmin - calculate global distances in binary images

dmi - cloud classification and interpolation in image sequences

epp - exploratory projection pursuit for multispectral images

flow - compute smooth flow fields

gabor - spatio-temporal gabor filtering

gamv2h - calculate various variograms for irregularly spaced 2-D data

goconcart - performes CART-relaxation on a data-set consisting of points in a regular net.

gogocart - performs CART-classification and CART-relaxation classification

gotree - perform classification by running data through a CART-classification tree.

grabit - grabs a HIPS image sequences using Imaging Technology hardware

grandtour - grand tour for multispectral images

hough - find lines using greytone hough transformation

jefmat - feature selection by means of Jeffreys-Matusitas distance

krig - perform kriging on irregularly sampled data

maf - minimum/maximum autocorrelation factors

mpeg_play - plays mpeg-1 encoded bitstreams using X11

musecc - multiset linear canonical correlation analysis

mvox - visualization and manipulation tool for 2D and 3D image analysis

scart - perform hierarchical classification and regression on hips-sequence.

seed - growing of trainingsets for classification

semivar - calculate 1- and 2D semivariograms

sigma_n - estimate noise covariance matrix of irregularly sampled image

standard - standardize sequence to desired mean and stddev

unmix - linear spectral unmixing

IMM HIPS Maintenance

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