The RAISE Specification Language

The RAISE Language Group:
Chris George,
Peter Haff,
Klaus Havelund,
Anne E. Haxthausen,
Robert Milne,
Claus Bendix Nielsen,
Søren Prehn,
Kim Ritter Wagner

BCS Practitioner Series, Prentice Hall, 1992. ISBN: 0-13-752833-7

The book is out of print, but available from Terma (

The book consists of an RSL tutorial and an RSL reference description. The tutorial contains a detailed introduction to the RAISE Specification Language (RSL). This is intended for self-study as well as a basis for training courses. The reference description defines the RAISE Specification Language (RSL) in detail.

The RAISE Development Method

The RAISE Method Group:
Chris George,
Anne E. Haxthausen,
Steven Hughes,
Robert Milne,
Søren Prehn,
Jan Storbank Pedersen

BCS Practitioner Series, Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN: 0-13-752700-4

The book is out of print, but can be downloaded for free from

The book, intended for study, training and reference purposes, details how specification, development, verification and validation and translation are carried out using RAISE. It is also meant to serve as a handbook for people wanting to justify properties of RSL specifications. The book describes a syntax for RAISE justifications and provides formal proof rules which may be used in justifications.

CASL Reference Manual

CASL Reference Manual
The Complete Documentation of the Common Algebraic Specification Language
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2960
Mosses, Peter D. (Ed.)
Authors: see list of contents. 2004, XVII, 528 p.
ISBN: 3-540-21301-5

List of contents:


List of Contents

Part I: CASL Summary
by The CoFI Language Design Group (eds. Bernd Krieg-Brueckner and Peter D. Mosses)

Part II: CASL Syntax
by The CoFI Language Design Group (eds. Bernd Krieg-Brueckner and Peter D. Mosses)

Part III: CASL Semantics by Hubert Baumeister, Maura Cerioli, Anne Haxthausen, Till Mossakowski, Peter D. Mosses, Don Sannella, Andrzej Tarlecki

Part IV: CASL Logic
by Till Mossakowski, Piotr Hoffman, Serge Autexier, Dieter Hutter

Part V: CASL Refinement
by Till Mossakowski

Part VI: CASL Libraries
by Markus Roggenbach, Till Mossakowski, Lutz Schroeder

Annotated Bibliography


Logics of Specification Languages

Series: Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series. Springer.
Bjoerner, Dines; Henson, Martin C. (Eds.)
2008, XXII, 624 p. 69 illus., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-74106-0

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