Mixed reality demo: The pond of illusions

Mixed reality demo: The pond of illusions

In this project we connect two computers over Ethernet. Each computer has a Microsoft Kinect attached to track the humans in front of its screen. We let persons meet in a virtual 3D environment shared between the two computers. The persons in front of one screen can see the persons in front of the other screen. More importantly, the persons can feed fish together virtually!

Originally intended as a small gimmick for the inauguration of DTU Compute, this demo has since on several occasions been showcased as an example of recent advances in computer graphics/computer vision.


Nobel-Jørgensen, M., Nielsen, J. B., Larsen, A. B. L., Olsen, M. D., Frisvad, J. R., & Bærentzen, J. A. (2013). Pond of illusion: interacting through mixed reality. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Posters (p. 26). ACM. BibTeX / PDF / poster / video

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