Hello brave new world

After months of rumination, I have finally converged to a good personal website solution. As it turned out, the toughest part was to choose the right frameworks! At first, I was reluctant to use the popular Jekyll (I'm not a Ruby programmer) in favor of the Python-based Pelican. However, Jekyll and its surrounding ecosystem is more mature and I have not run into limitations like I did with my initial attempt using Pelican.

Some highlights of this website are:

The source of my website is on Github - feel free to grab whatever you might find useful. Also, you should consider adding plenty of HTML9 pizzazz!

Purpose of this blog

I have included a blog on my website as an attempt to exercise my communication skills. While academia is still focused on the traditional publication pipeline through peer-review, there are plenty of good web-based publication alternatives nowadays. A blog is a practical way to publish work and findings in an informal manner. Another motivation behind this blog is the chance to dump the academic by-products that would never get published otherwise (e.g. presentations, notes, tutorials, mediocre results). I suspect these by-products can be put online without too much work - and they might even be useful for others.

So far, this is all cheap talk on my part as I have yet to fill up this website! My intentions are to write on a monthly basis (a lower bound). At least, now that I have a website, I have one less excuse for keeping my work to myself.

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