Anders Bjorholm Dahl

Professor in 3D Image Analysis

Anders Bjorholm Dahl


I am Professor in 3D image analysis and heading the Section for Visual Computing at DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

I did an industrial PhD at Dralle A/S with the aim of investigating computer vision methods for the forest industry. The PhD was finished in February 2009 and I have since been employed at DTU. Since 2015, I have been head of the Section for Visual Computing, and in 2018 I was appointed Professor with special obligations in 3D image analysis, and from April, 2022, I hold a position as Professor in 3D image analysis.

I am heading QIM: The Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV, which has the purpose of supporting research in 3D imaging with quantitative analysis from facilities such as MAX IV, ESS, and the 3D Imaging Center at DTU. This is done through research collaboration with scientists using 3D imaging, development of software tools, and research in 3D image analysis tools.

Projects and papers

My list of papers and projects can be seen on my official DTU homepage. I can also highly recommend our 3D Imaging Center at DTU.

Supervision and teaching

If you are interested in writing your project, for example bachelor or masters project, within the topic of image analysis and computer vision, please send me an email. You will have the option of being part of our group supervision, see the details at Rasmus Paulsen's homepage.

Contact information

Contact information

Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute
Section for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics

Mailing address:
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Phone: +45 4525 3907
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