The AAM Explorer


The AAM Explorer is a tool for interactively investigating the modes of an Active Appearance Model. In this case an AAM built on 35 frontal images of faces.

The implementation was done using the AAM-API and OpenGL for fast visualization. In the current version a 30000-pixel, 27-parameter AAM is deformed in real-time (~50 Hz on an Athlon 1.2GHz using the Intel Math Kernel library for matrix computations).

See the AAM-API output for details on the face model. A similar face model (though half the size) is described here.

Though having 27 parameters the interface show only six sliders for clarity, since the program was made for a "less-technical" exhibition here in Denmark. The first six modes accounts for 56% percent of the total variation in the training set.

Fig. 1 Screenshot of the AAM Explorer.

Minimum Requirements


Windows binaries (v. 0.95) (12 MB).

Practical Issues (that may be fixed in later versions..)


A subset of the IMM face database built by Michael Moesby NordstrÝm, Mads Larsen and Janusz Sierakowski was used for building the AAM used in the AAM Explorer.


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