Plasma turbulence in the torsatron TJ-K

Carsten Lechte
Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, Universität Kiel, Germany

The torstron TJ-K is a device for investigating plasma turbulence of magnetically confined plasmas. Since low-temperature plasmas are used, Langmuir diagnostics can be employed throughout the whole plasma volume. TJ-K's normalized turbulence parameters defined by the drift Alfven turbulence model are simimlar to those in the edge of fusion devices. Therefore the results are also relevant for magnetically confined fusion plasmas. k and w spectra of the fluctuating quantities (n and Phi) are measured using Langmuir probe arrays. Correlation analysis is used to find typical length and time scales of the turbulent events. Extensive simulations have been carried out for different normalized parameters. Trends are compared to experimental data.