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Workshop on


May 6-8, 2002
Department of Optics and Fluid Dynamics (OFD)
Ris° National Laboratory
DK-4000 Roskilde
H.H. Koch Auditorium, Bld. 112


Coordinators and scientific committee:
    Volker Naulin, OFD, Ris°
    Anders H. Nielsen, OFD, Ris°
    Jens Juul Rasmussen, OFD, Ris°
    Kristoffer Rypdal, University of Troms°, Norway

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Estimated number of participants: 30

Discuss the status of experimental and theoretical investigations of turbulence and the associated anomalous transport in plasmas and fluids. In particular, focus will be statistical descriptions of time series of fluctuating quantities, test particle dispersion, turbulence and transport in magnetically confined plasmas. The program will be informal with time for discussions of specific problems. In addition to overview/tutorial lectures, we schedule a number of contributions on the various topics of the workshop. In particular, we urge the participating PhD-students give a presentation. We aim at gathering participants with different expertise in plasma as well as fluid dynamics. In addition many of the participants will be Ph.D. students. It is one of the ideas of the Graduate School to bring together Ph.D. students, working in Nonlinear Science. It is therefore important that the talks are directed at and intelligible to a broader audience than the specialists in a particular field.

The main topics are:
    Turbulent transport and mean flow generation
    Particle dynamics and dispersion in turbulent flows
    Numerical modeling of turbulence in toroidal devices
    Statistical time series analysis, long-range correlations and data analysis
    Experimental investigations of turbulence and transport

The list of the speakers for the overview talks includes:
    G. Boffetta, Torino, Italy
    G. Bonhomme, Nancy, France
    R. Dendy, Culham, UK
    Jakob Mann, Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark
    A.V. Milovanov, Moscow, Russia
    Hans L. PÚcseli, Oslo, Norway
    Kristoffer Rypdal, Tromsoe, Norway
    Bruce Scott, IPP, Garching, Germany

Registration deadline:  April 10, 2002

Registration fee:  There is no fee

Lunch:  Free lunch will be provided in the Ris° Cafeteria

How to register:  Fill in the registration form and send it by e-mail to

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