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by A. Saxena
Los Alamos National Lab. USA

MIDIT-seminar 511

Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 14.00 h
at IMM, Bldg. 305, Room 130, DTU

Abstract: High resolution microscopies of several classes of functional materials have revealed fascinating nonlinear phenomena including intrinsically inhomogeneous microstructure, with multiscale modulations of charge, spin, polarization and strain. These material classes include manganites, ferroelastic martensites, shape memory alloys, relaxor ferroelectric titanates, magnetoelastics, for which stripe- or island-like patterning of charge, magnetization, polarization and strain, extend over many lattice spacings. This "texturing" affects electronic, magnetic and structural properties of the materials. We show that long-range anisotropic strain interactions arising from general elastic compatibility considerations, linking strain tensor components, can enable interfaces or atomic-scale defects, to induce global strain textures. Symmetry-allowed couplings between strains and electronic and magnetic variables can then generate effective strain-mediated long-range interactions between these variables.