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by J G Caputo
Laboratoire de Mathematiques, INSA de Rouen,
B.P. 8, 76131 Mont-Saint-Aignan cedex, France.

Laboratoire de Physique theorique et modelisation,
Universite de Cergy-Pontoise and C.N.R.S.

MIDIT-seminar 510

Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 14.00 h
at IMM, Bldg. 305, Room 053, DTU

Abstract: Nonlinear waves in bounded domains are complicated to study because of the boundary conditions and the nonlinearity. For a wave-guide, a variation of the cross-section can strongly influence the propagation of nonlinear waves. We will illustrate this in two examples, the propagation of flux quanta in a tapered Josephson junction used as a high frequency oscillator and the motion of a hydraulic jump (tidal bore) in a channel of variable depth or width.