Crystal Fibre A/S

Kim P. Hansen

Crystal Fibre A/S
Blokken 84
DK-3460 Birkerød

Crystal Fibre A/S is strongly committed to innovation, dedicating large resources to research and development.

We design, manufacture and market photonic crystal fibers. Photonic crystal fibers are a new range of optical fibers characterize by a micro-scale structure extending along the length of the fibers.

Advantages of the technology include pure silica core fibers and numerous novel properties. The technology provides a large design flexibility, which can be utilized for a large range of specialty fibers.

Crystal Fibre is committed to development of the fiber technology, working in close collaboration with our customers on supporting their applications.

Crystal Fibre A/S was founded as in late 1999. The company is based on the cofounders' several years of research within photonic crystal fibers extending back to 1996.

Crystal Fibre A/S is established as a wholly owned company by NKT Holding A/S. Crystal Fibre A/S is established on the basis of know-how and patent applications held by a number of research scientists at the Center for Communications, Optics and Materials (COM) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).