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Odd Erik Garcia
Auroral Observatory,
University of Tromsų,
N-9037 Tromsų,

Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 14:00 h
at OFD Meeting Room, Building 130
Risų National Laboratory, 4000 Roskilde

Abstract: This presentation concerns two-dimensional modelling and numerical simulations of buoyancy driven convection and non-linear transport. In particular the effects of thermal boundary conditions and sheared mean flows are investigated. For strong drive the transport becomes bursty and fluctuations intermittent. As the thermal flux through the system increases the system goes through different transport regimes exhibiting Gaussian fluctuations as well as PDF's with exponential tails and long-time correlations. The fluctuating sheared mean flows are found to be essential for controlling the turbulent fluctuations and hence the convective transport.