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by Stephane Binczak
LE2I, Mirande-Aile SPI
Universite de Bourgogne
BP 400 21011 Dijon Cedex, France

MIDIT-seminar 494

Thursday, July 5, 2001, 15.00 h
at IMM, Bldg. 305, Room 018, DTU

Abstract: This presentation is dedicated to the study of myelinated nerve fibers. After an introduction to the historical background and to some mathematical modeling, a description of the propagative phenomena will be adressed. Thiswill include illustrations of experimental results obtained using a nonlinear electrical lattice. The study of ephaptic coupling between two adjacent fibers (with current loops) will then be developed, showing that axons are not only a meduim for propagation but also may take part in the computing process of neural information.