Quantitative modelling of glycolytic oscillations

Sune Danø

Dept. of Chemistry and CATS, University of Copenhagen

Abstract: We present a powerful, general method of fitting a model of a biochemical pathway to experimental substrate concentrations and dynamical properties measured at a stationary state, when the mechanism is largely known but kinetic parameters are lacking. Rate constants and maximum velocities are calculated from the experimental data by simple algebra without integration of kinetic equations. Using this direct approach, we fit a comprehensive model of glycolysis and glycolytic oscillations in intact yeast cells to data measured on a suspension of living cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae near a Hopf bifurcation and to a large set of stationary concentrations and other data estimated from comparable batch experiments. The resulting model agrees with almost all experimentally known stationary concentrations, with the frequency of oscillation and with the majority of other experimentally known kinetic and dynamical variables.