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by Professor Alexander Zhuravel
B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering,
NASU, Kharkov,

MIDIT-seminar 483

Thursday October 12, 2000, 14.00 h
at MIDIT, IMM, Bldg. 305, Room 018, DTU,

Abstract: A radical new method to investigate microwave nonlinearities in superconductors is requied for the future success of the superconducting wireless industry. Also, many important scientific questions remain uanswered about the behavior of superconductors at microwave frequencies. The using of an existing and improved low-temperature scanning laser microscopes (LTLSM) to locally image the microwave response of superconducting materials and devices is addressed to solve these two outstanding problems. Considerable expertise is unified to investigate the local sources of microwave nonlineartities, manipulate the microwave current distributions with optically-manipulated defects, and develop a detailed understanding of the electromagnetic properties of microwave superconducting devices.