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by Igor Ivonin, Vladimir Pavlenko and Hans Persson
Department of Space and Plasma Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Tuesday March 21, 2000, 13.00 h
at OFD-Meeting Room, Bld. 130,
Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde

Abstract: We will discuss the reasons and the consequences of the Turbulent EquiPartition (TEP) establishments of the magnetized electrons in a tokamak. The global TEP state can be considered as an attractor of distributions of the turbulent plasma in tokamak, because TEP distribution has unique property -- uniform in space distribution of the particle invariants. In particular, we will discuss in the kinetic description:

1) different radial profiles of the density in the TEP state for different kinds of the electrons (passing and trapped),

2) the temperature profiles for Ohmic heating regime,

3) generation of the turbulence due to TEP relaxation (due to collisions, instabilities), the rates of the turbulent mixing and the confinement time,

4) creation of the radial electric field, plasma rotation for different regimes (L-, H- modes)

Any special knowledge is not assumed.