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by Silvia Valeria Annibaldi
School of Cosmic Physics,

Tuesday January 18, 2000, 13.00 h
at OFD-Meeting Room, Bld. 130,
Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde

Abstract: It is important to understand the basic features of particle transport in a strongly turbulent plasma. For magnetically confined plasmas, a relatively simple and flexible two dimensional model for the turbulent electrostatic field, in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field, is provided by the Hasegawa-Mima equation, which also has many wider physical applications. We have studied the poloidal transport of test particles moving in such field. As a result of the interplay of the nonlinear and linear term in the Hasegawa-Mima equation (the strength of the latter being determined by the background density gradient), `strange kinetics' emerge: the poloidal particle transport undergoes a qualitative transition from diffusive, through supradiffusive, to ballistic.