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by Arthur Sherman
National Institute of Health
Wisconsin, Bethesda, USA

MIDIT-seminar 444

Wednesday April 14, 1999, 14.00 h
at MIDIT, IMM Building 305, room 053

Abstract: We have shown that electrical coupling of pancreatic beta-cells may be important not only for synchronizing oscillations, but for the generation of those oscillations. That is, one can demonstrate cases in which none of the individual cells are capable of bursting, but the coupled population is. In addition, even if the cells are burst capable, the coupled cells may exhibit significantly lengthened periods. These effects all depend on the asynchrony of the spikes within a burst, and many patterns of asynchrony (anti-phase, quasi-periodic, asymmetric) are possible. Consideration of heterogeneous cells, the most likely case, suggests that the asymmetric pattern will predominate.