"Coherent structures, turbulence and anomalous transport in plasmas and fluids"


Wednesday 21. - Friday 23. October


Location: Risø National Laboratory

Library Meeting room



Organisation : Volker Naulin (volker.naulin@risoe.dk) and Jens Juul

Rasmussen (jens.juul.rasmussen@risoe.dk), Department of Optics and

Fluid Dynamics, Risø


Estimated number of participants 25 (incl. 10 PhD students)



Overview talks of 60 minutes including discussions in the mornings,

discussion sessions, laboratory demonstrations of vortex dynamics in

rotating fluids, and shorter specialised contributions and

contributions by participating PhD students in the afternoons.



List of speakers

David Montgomery, Dartmouth College, USA

Thomas Klinger, Kiel, Germany

Kristoffer Rypdal, Tromsoe, Norway

Herman Clercx, Eindhoven, NL

Hans Pécseli, Oslo, Norway

Poul Michelsen, Risø

Volker Naulin, Risø

Vagn O. Jensen, Risø

Anders H. Nielsen, Risø

Jens Juul Rasmussen, Risø




The purpose of the meeting is to bring together people working in

fluid dynamics and plasma physics on similar problems: turbulence,

the influence of coherent structures, anomalous transport. Special

emphasis will be devoted to discussions of:


i) Modelling of plasma and fluid turbulence: differences and



ii) The influence of material boundaries on the development of

turbulent flows and how to model these boundaries in numerical



iii) Anomalous transport, the influence of coherent structures on

this transport, and intermittence in the transport.


iv) Generation of shear flows and the question of shear flows as a

transport barrier.


v) Comparison of numerical model solution with experiments.


In addition an overview of the present status of the fusion research

program will be presented.



The meeting will take an informal character and will encourage

discussions. The meeting is open for participants with background knowledge in

plasma and/or fluid dynamics and/or nonlinear dynamics in


Please contact the organisers for further information and

registration. Funding is available for covering local expenses for a

limited number of students.

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