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by Dr. Ling Miao
Department of Chemistry, DTU

Aug. 31, Sept.2, Sept. 7, Sept. 9, Sept. 14, 1998, 14:30-16:30
at Department of Chemistry, Building 206, Room 250

What are the lecture series about?
Soft interfaces form as a structure of self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules dispersed in ordinary fluids. Notable examples are bilayers formed by lipid molecules in aqueous solutions and surfactant-coated oil-water interfaces in microemulsions. During the past two decades, there has been dramatic progress in the understanding of the two-dimensional structures, morphology, and material properties of these interfaces for two reasons: first, such interfaces are highly relevant structural entities in biological systems or complex fluids of industrial applications; secondly, rich physics arises from both molecular complexity in the intrinsic two dimensions and ``softness'' - novel material properties leading to ``live'' geometry - of the interfaces. This series of lectures is intended as an introductory review, from the standpoint of statistical physics, of some of the theories and phenomenology constituting our present understanding of soft interfaces.

Whom are the lecture series intended for?
Students in physics, physical chemistry, material science and biophysics. PhD students who attend the series will be given a certificate, based on which they may claim credit.

of the lecture series on
Statistical Physics of Soft Interfaces
of Self-assembled Amphiphiles
September, 1998

Part I. From amphiphiles to soft interfaces: Part II. Thermodynamic and statistical mechanical descriptions of soft interfaces: Part III. Equilibrium phenomena of the soft interfaces: Theories and experiments

For further information on the lecture series, please contact Ling Miao, Department of Chemistry, DTU, phone: +45-45 25 24 78, fax: +45-45 93 48 08, e-mail: