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by Prof. M. Laradji
Department of Physics,
University of Prince Edward Island,

Thursday August 13, 1998, 15.15 h (Coffee at 15.00)
at Department of Chemistry, Building 206, room 250

Abstract: The elastic properties of homopolymer-homopolymer interfaces containing diblock copolymers are investigated by means of self-consistent theory of anisotropic fluctuations. We will show that in the limiting case of a pure binary homopolymer mixture, while the interfacial tension increases monotonically with increasing X N (X is the Flory-Huggins parameter, N is the homopolymer molecular wieigh), the bending rigidity increses rapidly for small values of X N, but then decreases for further increase of X N. In the presence of diblock copolymers, the interfacial tension always decreases with increasing diblock copolymer volume fraction at a given X N, however, the bending rigidity can show either a decrease or an increase. We will further compare our results with results based on scaling arguments for wet polymer brushes.