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Workshop on

Chaotic Synchronization and Two-Dimensional Maps

Lyngby, Denmark, May 18-21, 1998


As part of its spring 1998 program the Graduate School in Nonlinear Science offers a five day workshop with a range of different topics related to chaotic synchronization and two-dimensional maps. Each day will comprise 3-4 lectures presented by distinguished experts combined with an afternoon session that will allow the participants to establish mutual collaborations and to work with the lecturers on various topics.


The lectures, which will be given at a level appropriate for Ph.D. students with special interest in dynamical systems theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics, will cover such topics as


Among the invited lecturers are
     Christian Mira, Toulouse, France
     Laura Gardini, Parma and Urbino, Italy
     Yuri Maistrenko, Kiev, Ukraine
     Tomasz Kapitaniak, Lodz, Poland
     Arkady Pikovskii, Potsdam, Germany
     Peter Grassberger, Jülich, Germany

Organizing Committee

     Erik Mosekilde
     Dept. of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

     Carsten Knudsen
     Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds

Correspondence to

     Ellen Buchhave
     Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies
     Dept. of Physics, Technical University of Denmark
     2800 Lyngby, Denmark
     Fax: +45 45 93 16 60
     E-mail: ellen


The workshop is designed to provide a qualifying training in some of the topics which presently are in the forefront both in the more mathematically oriented research in dynamical systems theory and in the more applied fields of monitoring of dynamical systems and secure communication. Particular emphasis will be given to the development of collaborative networks among the participants and among participants and teachers. Computers will be made available for the participants to work on outside the lecturing hours. Space will be provided for different types of working and studying activities, and afternoon sessions will be organized in which the participants can present their own work and discuss it with the lecturers.


Registration is free. However, the participants are expected to cover their own living expenses. Accommodations will be made available for foreign participants in nearby housing facilities at a price of 80 Dkr/day for double room occupancy. A few single rooms will be available at a price of 100 Dkr/day. Hotel accomodations may be arranged at a price of appr. 350 Dkr/day provided that early reservation is made.


A number of grants are available for foreign Ph.D. students. These grants will cover the traveling expenses and may in certain cases also contribute towards the living expenses. Applications including a short CV with a list of publications should be sent to the above address no later than April 20, 1998. Applicants will be notified immediately after this deadline if their application has been granted.
A few grants will also be available for foreign Ph.D. students who wants to study at the Danish Ph. D. School in Nonlinear Science for a period of a month or two after the workshop.


Applications for grants: April 20, 1998 Final registration: May 5, 1998 Please observe that participation will be limited to 25 students.

Social program

It is unlikely that the social program will include downhill skiing.