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Sponsored by the Danish Research Academy

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Summer School on

"Dynamical Systems' Aspects of Transport and Diffusion
in the Atmosphere and the Ocean"

Bornö, Sweden, July 27 - August 1, 1998

Transport Processes in the Atmosphere and the Oceans (TAO)
- an ESF Scientific Programme

Transport, enhanced transport and barriers to transport are fundamental problems in geophysics, with multivarious applications of environmental concern and to conservational issues. This Summer school, co-sponsored by the European Science Foundation's programme "Transport processes in the Atmosphere and the Oceans (TAO)", the Danish Graduate School in Nonlinear Sciences and the Niels Bohr Institute - Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies, aims to bring together oceanographers and atmospheric scientists with specialists in dynamical systems theory and turbulence, to give a multi-faced presentation of these phenomena.

The school will take place in the geophysical observatory on the island of Bornö on the Swedish West coast.

Financial support is available through competitive grants, covering travel expenses up to a maximum of 3000 FRF and all local expenses.

Applications for these grants should be sent to Philippa Pirra, ESF/TAO (for address, see below), no later than May 15, 1998, and should include:

1) a Curriculum Vitae
2) a letter outlining why participation in this school is of importance to the applicant and
3) (for graduate students) a letter of recommendation of the scientific adviser of the applicant

Philippa Pirra
ESF/TAO, 1 quai Lezay-Marnesia, 67080 Strasbourg, France
Tel. +33-(0)3 88 76 71 29
Fax +33-(0)3 88 37 05 32

Participants not requiring financial support may contact the members of the organising committee directly (see below for contact addresses).

Further information, including travel information etc. will be sent out to applicants for financial support, and other participants at the end of May.