Graduate School in Nonlinear Science

Sponsored by the Danish Research Academy

Exact stable solitary pulses in linearly coupled Ginzburg-Landau equations

by Dr. Javid Atai
Department of Electrical Engineering
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006
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MIDIT-seminar No. 402

Thursday, April 23, 1998 15:00 h
at MIDIT, IMM Building 305, room 027

Abstract: We put forward the first physical model based on coupled Ginzburg-Landau equations that supports exact stable pulse solutions. The model describes a doped twin-core optical fiber with dispersive losses, dispersion, and cubic nonlinearity in one component, and pure losses in the other. The exact stable pulses are found for the cases of the anomalous, normal, and zero dispersion. Necessary conditions for stability of the pulses are obtained analytically, and a full stability analysis is performed numerically. We find nontrivial stability borders on the model's phase planes that do not follow from elementary theorems of the bifurcation theory.