Danish Ph.D. School in Nonlinear Science

Sponsored by the Danish Research Academy

    Tuesday October 21, 1997, 10.00-16.00
    at MIDIT, DTU
    Auditorium: 053, Building 305, DTU
    Organiser: Erik Mosekilde. e-mail address: ellen@chaos.fys.dtu.dk

    10.00 Welcome
    10.05 M. Bees, "Plankton Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems"
    10.35 Yu. B. Gaididei,"Noise Effects in Collapse Dynamics"
    11.05 Coffee Break
    11.25 Y. Maistrenko, "Riddled Basins of Attraction in Coupled Maps"
    11.55 Lunch
    13.00 A. Filippone, "Low Speed Airfoil Flows"
    13.30 A. V. Zolotaryuk, "Nonlinear Dynamics in Lattices"
    14.00 E. Podivilov, "Third Order Velocity Correlation in Turbulence"
    14.30 V. Belykh, "Coupled Nonlinear Systems"
    15.00 J. Mygind, "HF-Properties of Flux Flow Josephson Oscillators"
    15.30 Conclusion

    Number of participants: 37