[ Pipeline Optimization of AAMs ]

Project title: Pipeline Optimization of AAMs (e.g. for real-time tracking of human faces)
Person to contact :
Bjarne Ersbøll, bygning 321.213, tlf. 4525 3418, be@imm.dtu.dk
Rasmus Larsen, bygning 321.217, tlf. 4525 3415, rl@imm.dtu.dk
Mikkel B. Stegmann, bygning 321.228, tlf. 4525 3422, mbs@imm.dtu.dk

Description:: This project aims at optimizing the Active Appearance Model framework for real-time tracking of e.g. human faces in video sequences. Refer to http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~aam/ for more info on tracking and face recognition.

Skills: good C++ programming skills and interest in program optimization. Interest for image analysis, Open GL and graphics hardware is not required, but considered an asset.

Keywords: Efficient C++ programming, Image Analysis, Graphical Hardware, Open GL

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