[ Multi-processor optimization using genetic algorithms ]

Projekttitel: Multi-processor optimization using genetic algorithms

Kontaktperson: Jan Madsen, bygning 322.221, jm@imm.dtu.dk

Beskrivelse: The advance in silicon technology which allows more than 400Mio transistors on a single chip makes it possible to integrate complete systems consisting of multiple processors on a single chip (SoC: System-on-Chip). These processors may be of different types, ranging from simple micro-controllers over general purpose processors (CPU's) to specialized digital signal processors (DSP's). Given such a heterogeneous multi-processor architecture one of the key challenges facing a system designer, is how to map the application, in terms of a description of multiple concurrent processes, on to this architecture while optimizing a number of design metrics such as performance, power consumption, memory utilization and size, reusability, and flexibility.

The main objective of this project is to study the use of genetic algorithms to solve the mapping problem. In order to restrict the problem size, we will focus on a single design metric, i.e. performance. Further more, we will use a simplified model of the application, i.e. a task graph representing a number of tasks and their relations, and a simplified model of the architecture, i.e. a graph presenting the different processors and their interconnect. An important aspect is to incorporate the delay of transferring data over the interconnects, when estimating

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