Welcome to the Numerical Analysis Section

Location: DTU, Building 305, first floor
Secretariat: Dorthe Thřgersen
Phone: +45 45253071 - fax +45 45932373

The Section for Numerical Analysis focuses on the numerical and computational aspects of mathematical modeling and scientific computing.

Numerical analysis deals with the development of efficient and reliable algorithms for computations with floating-point numbers on computers, as well as the underlying theory related to the accuracy and stability of the algorithms. With the advance of modern high-performance computers, and in particular computers with parallel architecture, the implementation aspects have come to play an important role in numerical analysis. At the same time, as the computational problems increase in size and complexity, the interplay between the mathematical modeling, the numerical algorithms, and the computer implementation becomes increasingly important. This interplay is at the heart of today's scientific computing.


New textbook by Lars Eldén, Linde Wittmeyer-Koch, and member of IMM Numerical Analysis section, Assoc. Prof. Hans Bruun Nielsen:
Introduction to Numerical Computation - Analysis and Matlab illustrations.

Professor Per Christian Hansen at work

Finn Kuno Christensen, Sept. 16, 2004