Technology management of the development of statistical methods and models for standardized preclinical studies.

Helle Andersen

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This paper is a part of a Ph.D. thesis concerning "Statistical methods and models for standardized toxicological and safety pharmacological studies". The research project will in this paper be viewed in a technology management perspective.

The technology management philosophy and theory is used to understand how the project fits into the business strategy of Novo Nordisk A/S and how it is possible to optimize the effectiveness of the company.

The company is introduced and its strategies explained, followed by a description of the project and how the results of the project can optimize the effectiveness of the development process. The process of developing a new technology knowledge within Novo Nordisk A/S is described by an actor-network model and afterwards it is analyzed by a socio-cognitive model. Finally, the method of developing a standard method and recommendations for implementation are discussed.

Technical report 07/99

Last modified May 11, 1999

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