Technology management of the transfer of knowledge within stochastic modelling

Judith L. Jacobsen

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The objective of the present report is to discuss the business aspects, describe the interaction and analyses the industrial relevance of the scientific results obtained in an industrial Ph.D.-project with respect to technology strategies and management. In this framework the interaction between the parties in the project will also be described.

The project is a collaborative venture between the Department of Mathematical Modelling at Technical University of Denmark and the engineering consultancy firm, PH-Consult. It is funded equally by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences and PH-Consult.

First the company and the Ph.D. project is introduced, followed by a description of the technological competence around these two objects. Then the organisation of knowledge production is discussed along with marketing and a product life cycle analysis. After the description of these concepts, the industrial relevance of the scientific results obtained is analysed.

Finally, visions of directions to go in the future is presented, after concluding remarks of the most important points of this report.

IMM Technical Report 24/96

Last modified February 4, 1997

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