Technical reports 1994

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    1. Pinar, M.C., K. Madsen og H.B. Nielsen: Piecewise-linear pathways to the optimal set in linear programming. (26 pp.)

    2. Pinar, M.C., K. Madsen og H. B. Nielsen: User's guide to LPASL1: A fortran 77 package, based on a continuation algorithm for dense linear programming. (28 pp.)

    3. Møller, D. og B.F. Nielsen: Analysis of the telecommunication demands in a large, geographically dispersed company. (40 pp.)

    4. Nielsen, H.B.: Algorithms for computing pipe network ``loops''.

    5. Andersen, A.T., N.U. Grove og B.F. Nielsen: Statistisk undersøgelse af arbejdsbelastning på en fødegang. (10 pp.)

    6. Møller, D. og B.F. Nielsen: Modelling a buffer system as an M/PH/1/N queue with batch rejections. (20 pp.)

    7. Andersen, J.S.: Bestemmelse af detektionsgrænser og behandling af måleresultater under detektionsgrænsen. (65 pp.)

    8. Nielsen, H.B.: Fitting data from electrophoretic analysis of wheat. (31 pp.)

    9. Rostgaard, M., M. Lauritsen og N.K. Poulsen: Prediction using the delta operator. (31 pp.)

    10. Rostgaard, M., N.K. Poulsen og O. Ravn: Pay-load estimation of a flexible robot. (19 pp.)

    11. Rostgaard, M., M. Lauritsen, N.K. Poulsen og O. Ravn: Quadratic controllers based on long range prediction. (21 pp.)

    12. Semenov, A: Solving integer/real nonlinear equations by constraint propagation. (22 pp.)

    13. Bro-Nielsen, M.: Active nets and cubes. (27 pp.)

    14. Bro-Nielsen, M.: Modelling elasticity in solids using active cubes - application to simulated operations. (13 pp.)

    15. Bro-Nielsen M.: 3D models from occluding contours using geometric primitives. (12 pp.)

    16. Hansen, M.P. og R.V.V. Vidal: Planning of high scool examinations in Denmark. (25 pp.)

    17. Christiansen, S. og J. Saranen: The conditioning of some numerical methods for first kind boundary integral equations. (19 pp.)

    18. Albertsen, N.C., J. Chesneaux, S. Christiansen og A. Wirgin: Interval - and stochastic arithmetic applied to Rayleigh theory of scattering. (10 pp.)

    19. Rygaard, J.M., R.V.V. Vidal og V.B. Iversen: Optimizing input rates to manufacturing cells in a production system. (11 pp.)

    20. Kohl, N.: An improvement of the subgradient method. (14 pp.)

    21. Madsen, O.B.G., H.F. Ravn og J.M. Rygaard: A heuristic algorithm for a dial-a-ride problem with time windows.

    22. Madsen, O.B.G., K. Tosti og J. Vælds: A heuristic method for dispatching repair men.

    23. Ravn, H.F. og C. Søndergren: A method to perform probablilistic production simulation involving CHP Units.

    24. Lauritsen, M., M. Rostgaard og N.K. Poulsen: Emulator-based GPC in the delta-domain.

    25. Lauritsen, M., M. Rostgaard og N.K. Poulsen: Emulator-based prediction in the delta-domain.

    26. Christiansen, S.: Interval methods and condition numbers of linear algebraic systems. 26 pp.

    27. Xin, M., N.K. Poulsen og H. Binder: Modelling and control of a wind turbine. 25 pp.

    28. Madsen, O.B.G., M.L. Fisher og K.O. Joernsten: Vehicle routing with time windows - two optimization algorithms. 13 pp.

    29. Ravn, H.F: On a problem of optimal power flow. 25 pp.

    30. Hansen, Per Skafte: Minimalist software engineering I: Definition. 9 pp.

    31. Hansen, Per Skafte: Numerical algorithms as software components. 26 pp.

    32. Hansen, Per Skafte: Fitting cylinders to photogrammetric data. 13 pp.

    33. Hoppe, J: Dynamisk ruteplanlaegning-litteraturoversigt. 22 pp.

    34. Hoppe, J: Dynamisk ruteplanlaegning-oversigt over problemer og loesningsmetoder. 10 pp.

    35. Hansen, P.S. og N.B. Jensen: Proof visualization. 33 pp.