Technical Reports 2002
  1. Jesper Hansen and Jens Clausen: Crane scheduling for a plate storage. (16 pp.).
  2. Kaj Madsen, Hans Bruun Nielsen and Jacob Søndergaard: Robust subroutines for non-linear optimization. (54 pp.)
  3. Morten Rostgaard, Niels K. Poulsen, Ole Ravn: A delta-operator technique for pay-load estimation of a 2DOF flexible link robot. (29 pp.)
  4. Mikael Buchholtz, Hanne Riis Nielson, Flemming Nielson: Experiments with succinct solvers. (61 pp.)
  5. Jack Brimberg, Henrik Juel & Anita Schöbel: Properties of 3-dimensional line location models. (16 pp.)
  6. Lene Sørensen, and R.V.V. Vidal: The anatomy of soft approaches. (23 pp.)
  7. Per G. Thomsen: A generalized Runge Kutta method of order three. (22 pp.)
  8. Hanne R. Nielson: Computer science and engineering. (115 pp.)
  9. Jesper Larsen: Speeding up the solution process for the VRPTW. (25 pp.)
  10. R.V.V. Vidal: From action to Learning. The systematisation of alternative consulting experiences. (26 pp.)
  11. R.V.V. Vidal: The vision conference. Facilitating creative processes. (18 pp.)
  12. Søren N. Lophaven, Hans B. Nielsen and Jacob Søndergaard: DACE - a Matlab kriging toolbox. (34 pp.)
  13. Søren N. Lophaven, Hans B. Nielsen and Jacob Søndergaard: Aspects of the Matlab toolbox DACE. (44 pp.)
  14. Tommy Thomadsen and Jens Clausen: Hierarchical network design using simulated annealing. (29 pp.)
  15. Marie L. Andersen: Subspace preconditioned LSQR in 3-D geomagnetic reconstruction. (35 pp.)
  16. Marie L. Andersen, M. Fedi, Per Christian Hansen and A. Rapolla: Computational properties of algorithms for multi-level inversion of 3-D potential fields. (19 pp.)
  17. Michael Jacobsen, Per Christian Hansen and Michael A. Saunders: Subspace preconditioned LSQR for discrete ill-posed problems. (16 pp.)
  18. Per Christian Hansen, Misha E. Kilmer and Rikke Høj Kjeldsen: Exploiting residual information in the regularization of discrete ill-posed problems. (20 pp.)
  19. M.D. Sørensen and Jens Clausen: Decentralized ground staff scheduling. (25 pp.)
  20. Hanne Riis Nielson, Flemming Nielson and Mikael Buchholtz: Security for mobility. (62 pp.)
  21. Jacob Andreas Bærentzen and Henrik Aanæs: Computing discrete signed distance fields from triangle meshes. (20 pp.)
  22. Mikkel B. Stegmann: Analysis and segmentation of face images using point annotations and linear subspace techniques. (25 pp.)
  23. Torben Skov Nielsen, Henrik Madsen, Jan Holst and Henning T. Søgaard: Predictive control of supply temperature in district heating systems. (43 pp.)
  24. Søren Christiansen, and Per A. Madsen: On truncated Taylor series and the position of their spurious zeros. (14 pp.)

Finn Kuno Christensen, 21. Feb. 2003