Technical reports 2001

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  1. T.T.D. Le, H. Madsen, B. Rasmussen and B. Sømod: Modellering og analyse af kvælstof i Randers Fjord. (61 pp.)
  2. Niels Chr. Albertsen: Added mass integral calculated by conformal mapping. (10 pp.)
  3. Rasmus Larsen and Johan D. Hansen: Operation analysis of insulation materials. (48 pp.)
  4. Bjarne K. Ersbøll and Knut Conradsen: Analysis of directional data for Rockwool A/S. (36 pp.)
  5. D. Calvetti, Per Chr. Hansen and L. Reichel: L-curve curvature bounds via Lanczos bidiagonalization. (14 pp.)
  6. Thomas Marthedal Rasmussen: A sequent calculus for signed interval logic.
  7. M. Bak, Niels K. Poulsen and Ole Ravn: Path following mobile robot in the presence of velocity constraints. (18 pp.)
  8. Andreas Schuhmacher, Jørgen Hald, Karsten Bo Rasmussen and Per Christian Hansen: Sound source reconstruction using inverse boundary element calculations. (32pp.)
  9. Brian Kallehauge, Jesper Larsen and Oli B.G. Madsen: Lagrangean duality applied on vehicle routing with time windows. Experimental results. (34 pp.)
  10. Lene Sørensen, and Rene V.V. Vidal: Soft methods in primary schools. Focusing on IT strategies. (20 pp.)
  11. Richardo D. Fierro and Per Christian Hansen: Truncated VSV solutions to symmetric rank-deficient problems. (10 pp.)
  12. Michael R. Hansen: The 13th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory. (30 pp.)
  13. Jakob Andreas Bærentzen: On the implementation of fast marching methods for 3D lattices. (19 pp.)
  14. Hanne Riis Nielson: Proceedings of NordSec 2001. (165 pp.)
  15. Jens Clausen, Jesper Larsen, Allan Larsen and Jesper Hansen: Disruption management. Operations research between planning and execution. (12 pp.)
  16. Anne Broen Christensen: Facilitering i de sjællandske lokale energispareudvalg. (67 pp.)
  17. Rasmus Larsen and Hrafnkell Eiriksson: Robust and resistant 2D shape alignment. (8 pp.)
  18. Michael Løve, Kim Riis Sørensen, Jesper Larsen, Jens Clausen: Using heuristics to solve the dedicated aircraft recovery problem (19 pp.)