Slotted waveguides

by Anders Jensen

IMM M.Sc. Thesis 05-2000

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The present master thesis comprises a study of the characteristics of a single T-slot cut in the broadwall in a rectangular waveguide. The T-slot has been analyzed for radiating into one of two regions, a half space or parallel plate region.

The slot impedance is computed. The subsequent formulaton involves derivation of a integral equation which is solved by the method of moments using entire basis functions for expansion of the electric filed in the slot.

For verification purposes results for longitudinal and transverse slots are included. Good agreement with earlier published data has been established. Curves for various T-slot lengths are presented including resonance data. In case the T-slot radiates into a parallel plate region the effect of plate spacing on the slot impendance is observed. Radiation patterns have been computed and justify the feasibility of the slot geometry for array application having a polarization along the waveguide.

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