Articles 1997

Selected list of article reprints carried out by department employees.
  1. P.C. Hansen, Tz. Ostromsky, A. Sameh, and Z. Zlatev: Solving sparse linear least-squares problems on some supercomputers by using large dense blocks. BIT, volume 37, no. 3, 535-558, 1997
  2. R.D. Fierro and P.C. Hansen: Low-rank revealing UTV decompositions. Numerical algorithms vol. 15, 37-55, 1997
  3. R.D. Fierro, G.H. Golub, P.C. Hansen, and D.P. O'leary: Regularization by truncated total least squares. SIAM journal on scientific computing, vol. 18, no. 4, 1223-1241, 1997
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  6. Balslev Clausen, C.; Bang, Ole; Kivshar, Yu.S.; Christiansen, P.L.: Effect of a fluctuating phase mismatch on spatial solitons in quadratic media. Optics Letters, vol. 22, no. 5, 271-273, 1997
  7. Balslev Clausen, C.; Christiansen, P.L.; Torner, L.: Perturbative approach to the interaction of solitions in quadratic nonlinear media. Optics Communications 136 (1997) 185-192
  8. Rasmussen, K.Ø; Cai, D.; Bishop, A.R. and Gr&oslashnbech-Jensen, N.: Dynamics of nonlinear localized states on finite discrete chains. Physical Review E 55 (5) (1997) 6151-6154
  9. Hofmann, M.; Bischoff, S.; Franck, T.; Prip, L.; Føjdh, K.; Brorson, S.D.; Mørk, J: Chirp of monolithic colliding pulse mode-locked diode lasers. Appl. Phys. Lett. 70 (1997) pp. 2514-2517
  10. Isaksen, Preben; True, H.: On the Ultimate Trasnition to Chaos in the Dynamics of Cooperrider's Bogie.Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 8 (4) (1997) pp. 559-581
  11. Petraglia A; Pedersen N.F.;Christiansen, P.L.; Ustinov A.V.: Comparative dynamics of two-dimensional shorted arrays and continuos stacked Josephson junctions. Physical Rev. B, Vol. 55 (13) (1997)
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  14. Christiansen, P.L.; Grønbech-Jensen, Niels; Malomed, Boris A.: Oscillations of Eccentric Pulsons. Physica Scripta 55, (1997) 131-134
  15. Abdullaev, F.Kh.; Darmanyan, S.A.; Bischoff, S.; Sørensen, M.P.: Modulational instability of electromagnetic waves in media with varying nonlinearity. Optical Society of America 14, (1997) 27-33
  16. Sørensen, M.P.; Rodríguez-Núñez, J.J.: Anomalous superconductivity in the tJ model; moment approach. Physica C 274, (1997) 323-330
  17. Albertsen, N.C.; S. Christiansen; Pontoppidan, K.; Sørensen, S.B.: Mathematical treatment of an adjustable surface formed by a fabric of interwoven flexible wires, Math.Engng.Ind. 6, no. 2, (1997) 115-132
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  19. Christiansen, P.L.; Savin, A.V.; Zolotaryuk, A.V.: Soliton Analysis in Complex Molecular Systems: A Zig-Zag Chain Journal of computational Physics, 134 (1997) 108-121
  20. Rasmussen, K.Ø.; Christiansen, P.L.; Johansson, Magnus; Gaididei, Yuri B.: Effects of Noise on localized excitations in the discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger system. Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Math. 46, 1/2, (1997) 111-117
  21. A.B. Ribeiro, A.Aa. Nielsen: An application of discriminant analysis to pattern recognition of selected contaminated soil features in thin sections, Geoderma 76 (1997) 253-262
  22. M.L. Fisher, K.O. Joernsten, O.B.G. Madsen: Vehicle routing with time windows: Two optimization algorithms, Operations Research 45, no. 3, (1997) 488-492
  23. N. Kohl, O.B.G. Madsen: An optimization algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with time windows based on lagrangian relaxation, Operations Research 45, no. 3, (1997) 395-406
  24. Ove Edlund, Håkan Ekblom, and Kaj Madsen: Algorithms for non-linear m-estimation, Computational Statistics 12, (1997) 373-383
  25. Morten B. Lauritsen, Morten Rostgaard, Niels K. Poulsen: GPC using delta-domain emulator-based approach, International Journal of Control 68 , no. 1, (1997), 219-232
  26. J.L. Jacobsen, H. Madsen, P. Harremoes: A stochastic model for two-station hydraulics exhibiting transient impact, Water, Science and Technology 36, 5, 19-26
  27. J.P. Boon, J. van der Meer, C.R. Allchin, R.J. Law, J. Klungsoeyr, P.E.G. Leondars, H. Spliid, E. Storr-Hansen, C. McKenzie, D.E. Wells: Concentration-dependent changes of PCB patterns in fish-eating mammals: Structural evidence for induction of cytochrome P450, Arch.Environ.Contam.Toxicol. 33, 298- 311

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