Articles 1996

Selected list of article reprints carried out by department employees.
  1. Vernik, I.V.; Lazarides, N.; Sørensen, M.P.; Ustinov, A.V.; Pedersen, N.F.; Oboznov, V.A.: Soliton bunching in annular Josephson junctions. J. Appl. Phys. 79 (10) 1996. 7854-7859

  2. Christiansen, P.L.; Gaididei, Yu.B.; Johansson, M.; Rasmussen, K.Ø.; Yakimenko, I.I.: Collapse of solitary excitations in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nonlinear damping and white noise. Physical Review E, 54 (1) (1996) 924-930

  3. Christiansen, P.L.; Gaididei, Yu.B.; Rasmussen, K.Ø.; Mezentsev, V.K.; Rasmussen, J.J.: Dynamics in discrete two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equations in the presence of point defects. Physical Review B, 54 (2) (1996) 900-912

  4. Brorson, S.D.; Bischoff, S.; Mørk, J.; Møller-Larsen, A.; Nielsen, J.M.: Femtosecond Carrier Dynamics and Modelocking in Monolithic CPM Lasers. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 8 (10) (1996) 1308-1310

  5. Gaididei, Yu.B.; Mingaleev, S.F.; Christiansen, P.L.; Rasmussen, K.Ø.: Effect of nonlocal dispersion on self-interacting excitations. Physics Letters A, 222 (1996) 152-156

  6. Zolotaryuk, A.V.; Christiansen, P.L.; Savin, A.V.: Two-dimensional dynamics of a free molecular chain with a secondary structure. Physical Review E, 54 (4) (1996) 3881-3894

  7. Gaididei, Yu.B.; Mingaleev, S.F.; Yakimenko, I.I.; Christiansen, P.L.; Johansson, M.; and Rasmussen, K.Ø: The Nonlinear Schrödinger system: Collapse, Nonlinear damping, Noise, Impurities and Nonlocal dispersion. Physica Scripta, T67 (1996) 151-159

  8. Christiansen, P.L.; Savin, A.V.; Zolotaryuk, A.V.: Zig-Zag version of the Frenkel-Kontorova model. Physical Review B, 54 (18) (1996) 12892-12902

  9. Christiansen, P.L; Gaididei, Yu.B.; Mezentsev, V.K.; Musher, S.L.; Rasmussen, K.Ø; Rasmussen, J.Juul; Ryzhenkova, I.V.; Turitsyn, S.K.: Discrete Localized States and Localization Dynamics in Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations. Physica Scripta, T67 (1996) 160-166

    Clausen, C. Balslev; Povlsen, J.H.; Rottwitt, K.: Polarization sensitivity of the nonlinear amplifying loop mirror. Optics Letters, 21 (19) (1996) 1535-1537

  10. Henning, D.; Rasmussen, K.Ø; Gabriel, H.; Bülow, A.: Solitonlike solutions of the generalized discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation. Physical Review E, 54 (5) (1996) 5788-5801

  11. Judith L. Jacobsen, Henrik Madsen, "Grey box modelling of exygen levels in a small stream", Environmetrics, volume 7, 109-121, 1996.

  12. Hansen, Christian K., Poul Thyregod, "Modelling and estimation of wafer yi elds and defect densities from microelectronics test structure data", Quali ty and Reliability Engineering International, volume 12, 9-17, 1996.

  13. Jens Michael Carstensen, "An active lattice model in a bayesian framework" , Computer Vision and Image Understanding, volume 63, no. 2, 380-387, 1996.

  14. Scott, A.C., Petraglia, A., "Flux interactions on stacked Josephson junctions", Physics Letters A, volume 211, 161-167, 1996.

  15. Kenkre, V.M.; Jørgensen, M.F.; Christiansen, P.L., "Exponential nonlinea rity and saturation in quantum nonlinear dimers", Physica D, volume 90, 280 -292, 1996.

  16. Judith L. Jacobsen, Henrik Madsen and P. Harremoes, "Modelling the transient impact of rain events on the oxygen content of a small creek", Water Science and Technology, volume 33, no. 2, 177-185, 1996.

  17. Maksimov, A.G.; Pedersen, N.F.; Christiansen, P.L.; Molkov, Ja.I.; Nerkorkin, V.I.: On kink-dynamics of the perturbed sine-Gordon equation. Wave Motion 23 (1996) 203-213

  18. Lazarides, N.; Sørensen, M.P.: Gap anisotropy and tunneling currents. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 40 (1996) 271-280

  19. Rasmussen, K.Ø.; Gaididei, Yu.B.; Bang, O.; Christiansen, P.L.: Nonlinear and stochastic modelling of energy transfer in Scheibe aggregates. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 40 (1996) 339-358

  20. Scott, A.: The hierarchical emergence of consciousness. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 40 (1996) 481-489

  21. A. Frølich, B.F. Nielsen, K. Conradsen, P. McNair, I.B. Transbøl: Within-centre evaluation of hypercalcaemia discriminant functions 5 years after their development. International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 40 (1996) 235-240

  22. A. Frølich, B.F. Nielsen: Transfer of hypercalcemia discriminant functions between local hospitals. International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 41 (1996) 167-173

  23. M. Rostgaard, M.B. Lauritsen, N.K. Poulsen: A state-space approach to the emulator-based GPC design. Systems & Control Letters 28 (1996) 291-301

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