Articles 1995

Selected list of article reprints carried out by department employees.

  1. E. Storr-Hansen, H. Spliid, J.P. Boon, Patterns of chlorinated biphenyl congeners in harbor seals (phoca vitulina) and in their food: statistical analysis, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, volume 28, 48-54, 1995.
  2. H. Madsen, J. Holst, Estimation of continuous-time models for the heat dynamics of a building, Energy and Buildings, volume 22, 67-79, 1995.
  3. S. Møller, C.S. Kristensen, L.K. Poulsen, J.M. Carstensen, S. Molin, Bacterial growth on surfaces: Automated image analysis for quantification of growth rate-related parameters, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, volume 61, 2, 741-748, 1995.
  4. Jacob Carstensen, Poul Harremoes, Henrik Madsen, Statistical identification of Monod-kinetic parameters from on-line measurements, Water science and technology, volume 31, no. 2, 125-133, 1995.
  5. Vidal, René Victor Valqui, How to teach/learn OR, Investigacao Operacional, volume 15, 97-110, 1995.
  6. P.L. Christiansen, P.S. Lomdahl, V. Muto and S. Rionero, Solitary waves and blow up in a system of Boussinesq-like equations, part of Nonlinear waves in solids, edited by J.L. Wegner and F.R. Norwood, ASME book no. AMR137, 125-127, 1995.
  7. J.G. Caputo, N. Flytzanis, M.P. Sørensen, Ring laser configuration studied by collective coordinates, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, volume 12, no. 1, 139-145, 1995.
  8. Yu B. Gaididei, P.L. Christiansen, S.F. Mingaleev, Bound states of envelope and boussinesq solitons in anharmonic lattices, Physica Scripta, volume 51, 289-299, 1995.
  9. J.A. Tuszynski, M.L.A. Nip, P.L. Christiansen, M. Rose, O. Bang, Exciton self-trapping in the Ginzburg-Landau framework, Physica Scripta, volume 51, 423-430, 1995.
  10. P.L. Christiansen, M.H. Hays, M.F. Jørgensen, A.C. Scott, Quantizing a rotating wave, Physics Letters A, volume 201, 407-412, 1995.
  11. D. Henning, H. Gabriel, M.F. Jørgensen, P.L. Christiansen, C.B. Clausen, Homoclinic chaos in the discrete self-trapping trimer, Physical Review E, volume 51, no. 4, 2870-2876, 1995.
  12. V.B. Kuznetsov, M.F. Jørgensen, P.L. Christiansen, New boundary conditions for integrable lattices, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and general, volume 28, 4639-4654, 1995.
  13. Yu.B. Gaididei, K.Ø. Rasmussen, P.L. Christiansen, Dipole-like nonlinear excitations in an inhomogeneous two-dimensional system, Physics Letters A, volume 203, 175-180, 1995.
  14. Yu.B. Gaididei, K.Ø. Rasmussen, P.L. Christiansen, Nonlinear excitations i two-dimensional molecular structures with impurities, Physical Review E, volume 52, no. 3, 2951-2962, 1995.
  15. K.Ø. Rasmussen, Yu.B. Gaididei, O. Bang, P.L. Christiansen, The influence of noise on critical collapse in the nonlinear Schroedinger equations, Physics Letters A, volume 204, 121-127, 1995.
  16. Allan T. Andersen, Nils U. Grove og Bo F. Nielsen, Statistisk undersøgelse af arbejdsbelastningen på en fødegang, Ugeskrift for Læger 157/44, 6133-6138, oktober 1995.
  17. U.P.V. Skands, J.C. Russ, Fractal roughness investigation of isotropically etched surfaces, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, volume 7, no. 2, 101-111, 1995.
  18. P. Sadegh, J. Holst, H. Madsen, H. Melgaard, Experiment design for grey bo x identification, International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Proc essing, volume 9, 491-507, 1995.

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